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Years Of Experience

About Posch Group

Your Trusted
Construction Partner.

With over 18 years of experience, we possess expertise in all aspects of construction finishes, building maintenance, and material supply, tailored to your facility and building functionality. Our services have been utilized by numerous corporate and industrial clients to fulfill their spatial requirements. We have the capability to execute even the most challenging projects, spanning commercial and industrial domains. Our commitment to accountability and responsibility is reflected in the provision of turnkey resources and services that consistently exceed expectations.


At times, you may require the expertise of an architect to create a professional and accurate representation of the structure you have in mind. We have access to such resources, and our skilled architects can artfully design both simple and complex structures to expedite making your ambition a reality

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Interior Design

Elevate your business with a touch of exclusivity. We can help turn your ideas into a reality by guiding you through the concept development process and creating a comfortable and visually stunning space. Our 3D projected visuals showcase the latest trends in fixtures and furnishings, providing a realistic preview of your finished product

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Our skilled team excels in safe structure demolition, minimizing facility impact. We prioritize finish protection and hoarding construction for uninterrupted productivity. With height access equipment, we ensure swift completion, meeting targets. Waste is securely disposed, reusable materials stored sustainably, ensuring project sustainability.

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We provide safe access using kwikstage scaffolding systems to clients all across South Africa. Our all round scaffolding service delivers planning, design, erection, site attendance and dismantling. Our teams carry out all types of scaffolding erections in a professional and safe manor ensuring all scaffolding erected complies with the S.A.N.S 10085-1 and the OHS ACT 85 OF 1993.

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Concrete Work

Transform your vision into reality with the strength and durability of concrete, which serves as the backbone of infrastructure worldwide. Our team of engineers and skilled workers ensures that your foundation is built according to precise specifications, while also being cost-effective. You can trust us to provide excellent workmanship and deliver exceptional results.

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